Welcome to Dan Gentile Antique Furniture Restoration
Victoria BC

Over forty years of experience in antique furniture restoration and fine furniture construction

My Philosophy

I believe that antique furniture reflects a time when people took great pride in their workmanship.  Antiques are a physical link to our past. They are part of our history, and are worth preserving. I believe that antique furniture deserves proper restoration and conservation. We don't own antiques; we simply hold them in trust for future generations. I take the same approach when I design and build quality furniture.

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Antique Restoration Services




  • Loose and broken joints 
  • Loose or bubbled veneer
  • Replacement of missing veneer 
  • Marquetry repair
  • Repair & replace broken or missing turnings
  • Replacement of leather desktop lining

Replacement Carving



  • Repair damaged carvings
  • Re-carve & replace missing carvings



  • Touch up and repair damaged  surfaces, including shellac, oil and varnish finishes 
  • Traditional French Polishing 
  • Wax polishing 

Please Note: I do not strip and refinish furniture.

Gregg's Furniture Frames

Modern Designs


Since 1979 I have been building upholstered furniture frames for Gregg's Furniture here in Victoria. 



These are high quality frames, made with British Columbia wood: Sitka spruce, maple and alder. They  are designed and built to last you a lifetime.



I am very proud to be a part of building this upholstered furniture, handmade right here in Victoria, from start to finish.

Conctact me by phone or email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible